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I received my intuitive reading and she pulled cards about my situations that I wanted to know about. Exactly how I was feeling and things I have thought about before came up during her interpretations and readings. She gave me the clarity I was looking for and already knew I needed to do. She spoke on things I did not tell her and it was amazing to hear her help me out! She is great at what she does and I really enjoyed listening to her be professional, courteous and at peace. Thank you for everything it was needed!

- Diarrah G.


I received a general reading, and it was spot on! I love how thing's were brought to the light, that I really brushed off as a minor issue, but deep down made me scream in the inside! I will definitely be referring and using her services again!!!

- Porsha M.


I received an intuitive reading from her which was extremely helpful and on point! She has a very uplifting energy and was able to accurately read on situations that I was going through without me having explain much at all. I will definitely booking again in the future!

- Taya E.